Carrier has the right to cancel your reservation and deny you boarding if you do not make check-in deadline required by him.

This mark was registered as an EU in 2014. However, two years later at the request of the Belgian company Shoe Branding Europe BVBA mark was revoked as devoid of distinctive character. Adidas appealed the decision EUIPO. He does not question the lack of distinctive character of the original, but argued that the sign has gained him later. In 2017. EUIPO Board of Appeal upheld the decision of a Board of invalidations, considering the evidence as insufficient. The company then brought an action before the Court of the European Union.

This noted that the registered mark is not a model, but is simply a figurative mark. Moreover he pointed out that it can not be taken into account as the sign deviate substantially from its key features, such as. A combination of colors or equal to the width of the stripes. Especially that often, as indicated on a number of photographs submitted by the company, Adidas used the colors from the opposite notified, ie. White stripes on a black background. Moreover, the court granted right EUIPO that annulling the decision stated that the company has not shown that the sign has gained a distinctive character throughout the Union, and even that was used throughout the Community.

The evidence presented by the company concerned as only five countries. the case law of the EU Court ruling of 19 June 2019., Ref. Act T-307/17. Reminds Eliza Jakubowska of operating at the ULC Committee on the Rights of Passengers, cases of delays and cancellation of flights is governed by EU. “In the case of a delayed flight the carrier is obliged to give each passenger a leaflet informing about his rights, including the right to compensation and assistance. Through the care is meant to provide food and drink adequate to the waiting time, allowing to make two phone calls and providing accommodation for, the outlet takes place the next day, “- explains Jakubowska. According to the law the passenger is also entitled to compensation for lost time as a result of delays come to the final destination at least three hours after the originally scheduled by the air carrier arrival time. “Compensation shall not be granted if the flight was delayed due to reasons beyond the control of the carrier, eg. Bad weather, a strike at the airport or unstable political situation.

The amount of compensation determined by the length of the flight. It can be from 250 to 600 euros depending on the length route “- explains ULC. On the other hand, if the plane was canceled passenger has the right to a refund within seven days of the full cost of the ticket or to change the itinerary. “If not on time, or 14 days before departure, informed of the cancellation or has been advised in a shorter period, and the carrier has not offered him a flight alternative in the period designated by the rules, it is entitled to monetary compensation in the amount of 125 to 600 euros” – informs the ULC. He adds that compensation is not payable if the flight has been canceled due to reasons beyond the control of the carrier, such as, among others, bad weather, a strike at the airport or unstable political situation. “If you touch us irregularity in passing, we can make a complaint to the air carrier. If the carrier does not respond within 30 days or the answer will be for us unsatisfactory, we can make a complaint to the Commission on Passenger Rights, which works with the Office of Civil Aviation.

It belongs to join a copy confirmation of booking on the flight, a copy of the complaint addressed to the carrier, a copy of the answers given by him, or an indication that, despite the expiry of 30 days reply to the complaint has not been granted, “- explains the Jakubowska.zobacz: If the merchandise does not arrive, the seller is responsible» ULC also it recalls that it is very important to apply early check-in times, in the case of online check-in check-in at the indicated time by the airline. Carrier has the right to cancel your reservation and deny you boarding if you do not make check-in deadline required by him. When it comes to luggage, traveling with the ULC advises that there are two types of Storage – handheld and registered, which we give at check-in and is carried in the hold. As pointed out by the office, there are no uniform standards for the baggage for all airlines, so you should make sure that our luggage meets the airline. “The plane did not take with him any sharp objects, firearms or flammable substances, the latter even in checked baggage. The regulations allow and in hand luggage liquids, aerosols and gels in containers no larger than 100 ml, which should be placed in one, a transparent, sealable, plastic bag with a capacity of not more than 1 liter, “- like ULC. On board you can also take your medicines and baby food needed during the trip and liquids, aerosols and gels purchased at the airport or on the plane and packed with proof of purchase in a special safe bags.

During air travel, regardless of whether the flight is within the borders of the European Union or outside of them, each passenger, regardless of age, is required to carry an identity document, which will allow appropriate authorities at the airport to identify the person. In the light of Polish regulations such documents are passport or ID card. Some countries require additional documentation for children up to 18 years. Local stewards will do everything so that in 2014. Does not irritate hybrids bad news – including parents of students and teachers. As checked DGP, despite the fact that in the nearest future governments must report to superintendents liquidation going to schools and other educational institutions, such action they decide to single. Quite differently than in previous years.

In 2013. The resolutions of intent in this case was a few hundred a year earlier – approx. 1.4 thousand. As a result of Polish maps in the past year 345 schools disappeared. A year earlier, four more, and in 2008. – 587.Z probe until the DGP that eg. In the provinces of Lublin, Opole, Kujawsko-Pomorskie has so far received no information from municipalities about the intention to close the school. In turn, Świętokrzyskie, Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie been typed into the two institutions.

For comparison, last year there were respectively 21, 24 and 29. In other provinces local governments, if they want to liquidate the school, the individual, and not for economic reasons, but with the obligation of schools for blanking dorosłych.Taka caution on the part of local rulers stems from fear of success in the local elections. Closing schools may in fact mean a sharp conflict with residents and electoral defeat. – Teachers emotionally affect the students’ parents, the community that those forced to withdraw from such a decision – confirms Wojciech Ziętkowski, Mayor of Sroda Wielkopolska. – This leads then to the dantejskich scenes, and no mayor wants to have such a fuss in an election year – dodaje.- our data suggest that the process of liquidation of establishments in 2014. Will be conducted in a balanced way – admits Slawomir Broniarz, president of the Polish Teachers’ Union. The functioning of the schools subordinated to municipalities Source: Official Legal Newspaper Liquidation only ostatecznościSamorządy school, which this year decided to close the school or other educational institution, they do so because of the difficult budgetary situation. According to the law before liquidate the institution, they have to convince parents of students, teachers, and trade unions. Minor error committed by the mayor, the mayor or president of the city results in that the school operates in the following year, even if the student is less than teachers working there.

Before a municipality decides to liquidate the facility must notify among others the board of trustees and the end of February at the latest to adopt a resolution of intent. The biggest obstacle, however, are educational unions. – Government may terminate the school, but according to the letter of the law. Therefore, must first of all prove that such a decision is conditioned by social and economic considerations – says Slawomir Broniarz, president of the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP). It explains that the closure of establishments results in the obligation to ensure the commutation of the children to the next and thus extends their stay away from home. – Municipalities often do not notify us of their intention to liquidation because it seems to them that there is no trade union in the school. But at least should inform our organization in the region – calculates Richard Proksa, Chairman of the National Section of Education “Solidarity” .See also: What should the teacher departing from school »When and how school director can effectively release the teacher» According to him another the most common mistakes committed by the local government and used by the unions, is incorrect or downright ineffective notify parents of the students. The unions also indicate that block the elimination of school if appropriate resolution will be adopted too late.

In turn, local governments have complained that the process of closing schools hinder officials. – Last superintendents increasingly appeal to the court – says Wojciech Ziętkowski, the Mayor of Sroda Wielkopolska. As a rule, their opinion is not binding. However, if the government will refer to it does not, the eradication can be locked. To exit without closing the educational institutions forced most local economic situation. – In primary school children it is not enough and there is no indication that there will be more. It is unpopular decision in an election year, but for economic reasons, we have no other choice – Artur Nowicki says DGP, deputy mayor of the municipality Malanów (province.

Greater). Similarly, in other municipalities. – Close the branch primary school, because there were only 12 students. Even parents have learned that it is better to send children to a better-equipped facility – says Paul Szuber, director of the School of the Krzęcin (province. West). Eliminate barriers for alternative schools are winding their transmission to the conduct of the parents association. – Maintenance costs are lower then because they did not apply the Charter of the teacher – confirms Marek Olszewski, Mayor of Lubicz, Vice-President of the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland. The problem is that there are limitations.

Currently, the local government may entrust the school association, provided that taught her to 70 students. In the case of the numerous first you have to eliminate the institution. In the previous term, the government wanted to abolish these barriers. The changes effectively blocked the PNA. The current toll system for passenger vehicles based on the solutions manual, taking into homework market account its inadequacy to technological change has many drawbacks, and an alternative to him is an electronic toll collection system (ETC), which the world has become a very important part of Intelligent Transport System – says the analysis. “With the construction of the optimum system should take into account that according to your estimate takes into account the additional revenue and cost savings, positive result for the public sector only until the end of the year 2018. May even exceed 1 million zł (and bring an improvement in the reduction of the amount of liabilities KFD ) “- reads.

At the indicated amount of a positive outcome for the public finance sector, consisting of established savings estimated in the amount of 1.0-1.2 billion zł, additional costs resulting from faster implementation of total revenues in the amount of approx. 0.5 billion zł, announced the Institute. Taking into account the costs of implementing the electronic system and the purchase of on-board units (OBU – on board unit), the estimated total in the range of 0,62-0,71 billion zł, a positive result of the proposed introduction of the system will be between 0.8 billion zł (conservative variant) and 1 08 billion zł, analysts stressed. “It is recommended that at the same time the introduction of provisions allowing the electronic toll collection system on motorways concession on which the fees are collected manually” – we read in the document Fri. “Optimizing toll collection system for the use of motorways in Poland. Some aspects”. See also: End of gates and barriers on highways. Pay your toll via smartphone »Hadaj: They’re coming elections, traffic jams will be ‘” Dziennik Gazeta Prawna “reported today that the government is considering the replacement of toll plazas on highways other form of electronic payment.

The possibilities of changes discussed at a working meeting in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development. Currently used electronic toll collection system for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (viaTOLL). At the end of 2013. System was covered by nearly 2653 km of national roads, expressways and highways. Sobieski Institute indicates that according to the current regulations, eventually nearly all motorways in Poland will be paid.

According to current plans, the total network of roads and motorways in Poland will count approx. 7.300 km, of which approx. 2.000 km of motorways. At the end of 2013. Total was approx.

75% of the planned motorway sections, ie. Less than 1.500 km. Lukasiewicz’s research network link 37 research institutes. The network has, among others, Application to conduct research important for economic policy and shape public awareness about. technologii.Celem advanced networks is to conduct application research and development are important for the state. In support of the law is written, the network will provide a more effective cooperation research institutes, which will enter into its composition, m. Al. by unifying mechanisms of financial management, human resources, real estate and intellectual property rights, and enable effective supervision over the activities integrated in the institutes.

The network is to be a “bridge” between science and the economy. The network will also carry out activities aimed at public awareness about advanced technologii.zobacz the Act on Lukasiewicz Research Network: a bridge between science and economy »The Center is to stand Lukasiewicz president (appointed by the Minister of Science) and a maximum of four vice-presidents and council consists of six members and a chairman. At the President of the college counselors will work consisting of 20 members, including 10 representatives of socio-economic or financial, five representatives of the scientific community and instytutów.Każdym five directors of the institutes, which will be included in the network, it will be headed by a Director, together with the council. Directors will appoint the president of the Center Lukasiewicz five-year term. The Board is expected to come from 9 to 15 people.

Not more than 40 percent. its composition to provide the employees of the institute. Other president has relied on the request of the director of the institute.